Make your product the best and reveal the best of your product

Product Design

Luxury yes, but also FUN!

Blade has been specialized in industrial design ever since its creation, notably in watchmaking, jewelry as well as sectors that are associated with these such as accessories, decoration (box sets, display, shop-in-shop etc.) and interior planning or space management. The areas of expertise also extend to various other products such as eyewear, writing instruments and the list goes on!! Indeed, from luxury products that are passed on from generation to generation to those things that we wear for fun, the creative process differs very little in fact, only the means to achieve it can vary.

Your objectives, the analysis of your universe, your positioning and your story to date will all be established during the first stage in order to bring some light to the original concept and find solutions adapted to your needs.

The second step is the creative aspect which is the most important part of our job which is to present the best of our ideas in the form of sketches or designs in both 2D and 3D.

The following steps will bring together all the aesthetic and technical details so that your product will be attractive and reliable paying particular attention to color, material, the finished result or movement variations. Blade will also be able to carry out the next stage of the process which is marketing.

Graphic Design

Effective presentation

The universe of the brand is an unforgiving place where there is little scope for luck. Indeed, nothing should be overlooked if your brand is to remain recognizable over the long-term.

From branding (name, logos, product strategy, corporate identity, packaging, brand book), to traditional or institutional communication (press, posters, sales tools), through to publication (product catalogues and the like), decoration and layout and with the use of e-media and social networking (web design, e-marketing), you will be accompanied by Blade in all of these areas with graphic design work which is both aesthetic and creative. We offer tailor-made, realistic and recognizable ideas along with a cutting-edge style which will fit perfectly into your current or future brand philosophy.

Case study


Measuring athletic ability

After having studied the history of the brand and its competitive positioning in the marketplace, a strategy for its collection is established, the way forward being chosen in the form of a precise briefing given by those responsible for the brand.

Then a series of sketches are drawn of simple, chronometer, digital and connected watches in order to measure their physical capacities.

The 2D or 3D design of the selected models as well as the technical specifications for manufacturers including references in terms of movement, material and the finished product, colors etc.

Variations in selected product range.

The “Blade Heart” Vital Green model from Reebok with integrated Pulsometer on the watch’s back comes with a charger.

The new Delta “wall of stone” brand-mark was adopted by Reebok back in 2015 and is very prominent on the display (in relation to the Crossfit stone walls which is the strength of the brand in this area).