Blade, cutting-edge design

A permanent state of mind, a philosophy reflected in each project

Distinguish oneself for better development

Blade’s creative approach is adapted to each of the client’s objectives and is guided by the passion and desire to exceed the expectations by applying to such an approach his expertise and philosophy in order to be different.

Even if certain codes and ways of doing things are influenced by trends, technical issues, the business and trading environment in general in addition to the means for achieving your goals, so that a brand evolves in the right conditions leading to a solid concept, an innovative approach and a vision are both necessary.

The coordination of diverse talents can also lead to a great idea seeing the light of day, so Blade works with recognized and known independent professionals because of their specific style, inventiveness or simply their joie de vivre.
We now all have the desire to live new and great experiences which is just one of the leitmotifs which Blade and its team aspire to.


Live Deeper

The watchmaking adventure started in 2000 with its founder Franck Dubarry and based on creative designs for his collections which were constantly renewed and on occasions unrestrained from a design perspective and were subsequently applauded and even copied.

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An infinite style guide range

Creating and developing a graphic style range as desired on any type of support or medium, such has been the difficult task for Blade over a number of years with its famous volute pattern to mark prestigious jewelry.

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Sport for One limit

With the general enthusiasm for fitness such as the Crossfit or the Spartan Race, Reebok just could not let the opportunity go for developing an essential instrument for all of these disciplines, thus in 2015 its first collection of Reebox watches was created and has evolved in association with Blade each season

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